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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by anne1122, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. anne1122

    anne1122 Active Member

    I am very bad today. I havent even washed my face. wearing my same clothes. I get no help financially from my family, and i am running out of money. I dont see the point of this anymore. I always try to be upbeat. but i cannot today. Please help me. I feel like i could go any minute. I have nothing to go on for. There seems no point for me. cant afford therapy anymore and it doesnt help me anyway
  2. cutiepie132

    cutiepie132 Well-Known Member

    I'm very sorry your not getting the support from your family.

    How come your running out of money, is the depression keeping you from working??

    Do you not have any way around that situation? Must be something that could be done..

    I hope you don't give up.
  3. anne1122

    anne1122 Active Member

    I was denied unemployment becasue I quit. I have some savings from moms pension, but it wont last too long, maybe a few months. I called and made a therapy appointment. I am trying to make myself feel better. i am sure there are people worse off than me. all i can do is keep job applying and hope something comes. From what I hear, my debt is not as bad as some peoples out there. So I will try to hang on
  4. cutiepie132

    cutiepie132 Well-Known Member

    Well even if there are people worse off than you, that doesn't make your problems any less difficult.

    I had to live on credit cards for awhile, and then had to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. But it got me by for awhile.

    Good luck, hope you find a job. And we're here if you need to talk.. Well I am. Don't know where everyone else is at, at the moment, lol..
  5. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    HOpe your therapist can help you hun i am glad to see you reaching out here hugs
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