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Hi, I'm new here...

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Hi there:

I'm 28 years old and new on this message board. I found this board after suffering from a severe bout of Depression. I had first been diagnosed as suffering from Major Depression about 10 years ago after I finished High School. I have had a history of multiple suicide attempts.

For the past 10 years, my Depression has been under control, but now it has come back with a vengeance. Lately, I have had thoughts of suicide, but I have not made plans to act on them yet.

I'm physically healthy in every way except for my Depression. My Depression stems from loving somebody who isn't available to me and who does not love me back. It's a classic case of unrequited love. I just found out that this person has gotten married recently and moved on with their life, so I am totallly devasted.


Thanks, Vikki.........

This sounds like a great site. There is so much I can relate to. My life is a daily struggle when it comes to my Depression, I'm just glad I found a site where there are people who can relate....
Yes it is a great site. One bit advice i would give you tho, is to not try get so deep into other people problems, alot of people on here have done that and recently have been feeling alot worse, myself included. But as i said before i'm very glad you found us, and i hope to see you around SF. Its a great place to just release stress and talk to people who understand. Once again im glad you joined us. :smile:



That's very good advice, Vikki. Although I want to relate to people, I also don't want to aggravate my own problems.
Yeah i know what you mean, thats how i felt when i first joined here. But you do get very attached to people here very quickly and start to care about them so much. Many people on here have gotten very deep into trying to help other people. Yeha it might make us feel better by helping someone but after getting so close when ever their upset you become upset, so theres a very destructive relationship forming. I've had that exact experience on here with a person i care very deeply for and i love her to bits but sometimes we're not good for each other. So please be careful, the last thing i want you to do is make yourself feel worse. I do truely hope this site helps you in some way :smile: We are all here for you, lean on us when your feeling low, we all care, we know what it feels like.

Take care



Thanks, Vikki.....until now, I didn't think it was possible for other people to feel as badly as I do. Sure, I hear about other depressed people, but I never found a community to whom I can relate.
Yeah its pretty hard to believe that their are other people who do feel as low as you and even lower in some cases. I guess we feel own our own with our feelings most of the time. Thats the great thing about SF, we constanly know we're not alone, and there are people who we can relate to and be able to talk much more openly compared to in reality. Its very hard to talk about things of this nature in society but we have a site that's built up its own society and family. We should all stick together during this difficult time :smile:
Hi and :welcome: to SF. As vikki mentioned, we are a group of very caring people. Some of us do get very involved with others here. Friendships are made and bonds are forged. I am sure you will meet many people you can relate to and feel comfortable talking with. Take care. :hug:


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Welcome to the forum.:smile: I know you will meet many people with whom you can relate, and vice versa, and will make friends here. We're good listeners and care about each other.:smile: It's a safe place to go when you're alone and scared.:smile: Hope to talk with you again.

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