Hi Im new to this forum hanging around while life is hard :(

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by MyDreamIsToBeHappy, Dec 16, 2015.

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  1. MyDreamIsToBeHappy

    MyDreamIsToBeHappy New Member

    Im hanging around while life is hard im having a big problem with my life I have really bad imsomnia for months and I really need someone or something to help me Im willing to stay but I need hope that i will have a life again :(
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Welcome to SF. I am sorry to hear about your sleep issues, are you on medication for those issues? I think that would be for the best, try and get on the list to see a sleep specialist, that would be brilliant :)

    Many people here have insomnia so can relate! I personally find zyprexa and meditation put me asleep :)
  3. MyDreamIsToBeHappy

    MyDreamIsToBeHappy New Member

    My family and I went to a sleep doctor they said i didnt have sleep apnea i do have thyroid hypothyroid i dont know if that has to do something with sleeping i have a headache right now i cant listen to music because my head hurts i have a dark eye because i cant sleep and im young but im scared that my life will never be the same im scared to get old fast because of lack of sleep im suffering so much because i cant do the things I love and i feel like everyday is the same thing i came here for hope because the thought of passing to another life scares me my dream is to be myself again and help others and tell them that dont worry you can go through it like I did but the pain is horrible :(
  4. OnceRob

    OnceRob Active Member

    Not sure it will help but I also get really bad insomnia, the way I see it is don't fight it. You get three score years and ten and you loose half of it sleeping so you are divinely cheated anyway, use it positively if you can. The other night I just layed there and eventually at 2am I gave up and got up and went to the gym. I could have layed there getting stressed out like I used to years ago but I just used it as an opportunity. You are you and sometimes that just comes with idiosyncrasies which you just have to accept.

    This works for me , when the demons come I am now waiting for them.

    Other than this I will pray for you.
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  5. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome to the Forum, I am sorry that you are having sleeping problems, I have had them off and on, right now I am able to sleep, but it could change, for me it is most likely stress, right now I do not have the best life but I sleep 5 minutes after I get into bed! I don't know about your Thyroid as far as it's correlation but I agree somewhat with Once Rob, but only after every other relief has been tried, do not accept the pain or inconvenience unless you have no other option. I have headaches as well, those I have now accepted or I can go to the hospital every time I have one and have a shot, I have had them since the 4th grade, I am 67 now! I am sorry for your pain and aggravation, I know the feeling! I do have an old Fan it was from the WW 2 Era it is big and heavy, I have it at the head of my bed on a stand that is movable I turn that fan on at bed time the vibration of the fan vibrates through my bed and the White noise it makes helps me to sleep. I don't know if it would help you but White noise plus the vibration helps me. I hope that you find something to give you peace of mind! here are others here that may have suggestions that may help!
    In any case We are here for you to talk or help if you are down and just need to share. I hope you find your answer!
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  6. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    I hear you there, I get pretty bad insomnia as well (most times, as little as 2-3 hours a night,, but I do not much mind that, since I find I work a lot better in the night, when it queiet and dark without any cars of nextdvoor neighbours screaming their heads off like they do during the day.
    Of coursel, I work a freelance journalist, so I might be alittle unreliable by saying that.
    Have you asked your local G.P about anything to help tyou you sleep at all? Not necessarily sleeping tablets, but there are a lot of other things your G.P and/or chemist can suggest to you that will help you get that night's night's sleep you much need..

    From what you said, a medication given to you by your local G.P might help, called 'Murelax' - it is a calmative medication that helps a lot with anxiety and changes the chemicals in your brain a slight way so that you find yourself being productive and not lethargic or thinking on any of the bad you think about.
    The next time you see your G.P, ask her/him about murelx and and see if it is something that they could prescribe for you - it is not for necessarily something your G.P might think you need, but then again, she/he just might, if you tell her/him of your problems when out in public or even the feeling of loneliness and (abandonment, if that is the right word) and it lets you forget your worried=s for time (depending on the miligram you are on, you can have a wonderful day with =out a care in the World , since it changed your mood in a way that you kind of get the attitude where anything in life, you can do if you put your mind i=to it.
    The only downside to Mulax (alapan) is that is that is can be addictive if you take it for long amounts of time.
  7. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    Zyprexia... I was on that one yonks ago, a Lilly-dale, but had to get off the stuff because it keep giving me the side effect known as the"look-ups" (where you cannnot but help to keep staring straight forward as you walk, but your eyes go up toward the sky involuntarily.

    Did you get that as well, because I heard it was pretty common side effect of the drug Zyprexia.
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