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hi, i'm new.

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i just joined, so i thought i'd introduce myself.

my name is kate and i'm 18 years old. i don't think i'd classify myself as suicidal, but i am definitely depressed and i have nobody talk to about the way i feel because nobody in my life feels the same way i do.
so that's why i wanted to join, to be able to actually relate and not be afraid to share the things that i really need to get off my chest.
Hey Kate, Welcome to SF!! im very glad you joined us, SF is a great place to come and just be able to let off some steam and talk to people who know what your going through and is also a great place to make some good friends :smile:

If you ever need someone to talk to im here.

Take care

Vikki x

ps. Happy New Year :hug:

jane doe

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welcome to the forum. whenever you need to talk, just remember that we all here try to help each other, so i hope you find the support you are looking for.pm me at any time, i´m 18 too and if you need somebody, i´m here hun. take care and happy new year.
Welcome!!! glad ya decided to join hun, if ya ever need anything give me a holler.. :biggrin: looking forward to seeing you aroiund. :hug: :hiya:


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Hello and :welcome: to SF

I look forward to seeing you around.. until then, please take good care of yourself



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Hi Kate and welcome to the forum.:smile: I"m sure you'll make friends here and all of us are experienced listeners, so you're welcome to let off steam to us. We are listening ears, shoulders to cry on, and arms to reach out and support you when you feel to tired to stand on your own.:smile: :smile:

love and hugs,

:welcome: to SF kate. I hope you are able to meet many people that do understand you here. I am sure you will. Take care and I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum.
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