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hi i'm new...

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I'm new, and yall can call me Izzeh. I've been suffering from Suicidalness for 2 years now, because of bullying and abuse at home. I haven't attempted in over 2 weeks, last time i went for 2 months. I'm slowly and surely getting much better thanks to my angels called my friends. They actually ended up threatning me, to stop me, and it worked.

jane doe

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well, here you will find more friends who will try to help you all the time, because here we all try to help each other. don´t hesitate in pm me at any time hun. take care and Welcome:)


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Hi Izzeh, and welcome to the friendliest forum on earth.:smile: We are good listeners here and willing to support you as best we can. I hope you find some good friends here and the help you need.:smile:

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