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Hi I'm Plumpy

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Thought I'd better introduce myself. I've had "depression" since I was 14 (I'm nearly 30) but was not properly diagnosed until I was 20 and took an overdose. To cut a long story short I came off my medication at the end of 2009 because I got a really good job that I'd trained for, knew I'd never be able to get up every morning with my medication and honestly believed I was better.

Well it all came back with avengence around Christmas time. Why I felt ok for best part of a year I don't know but there you go. Now I hate having to go to work every day but have got too used to having the money so don't want to give it up. I've gone back on other medication which doesn't seem to be working very well so far. I've had loads of days off sick as a consequence but for now I'm still there. Don't really know what the solution is.

Other things you might want to know is I am prone to the odd bout of self-harm (never done it very badly though) I drink far far too much and I've never really believed that my diagnosis of depression is entirely accurate. I've always felt there's something else.

On a happy note I'm into all kinda of music and tropical fish!

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Hi Welcome to Sf i think if your meds are not working yet it does take at least 6 weeks that you need to talk to your doctor okay try something different
Try to lay off the alcohol as well as it is a depressant so meds you are one won't work that great if your drinking Glad to see you are into the arts though they are great to have around to help you cope with life sometimes hugs:hugtackles:
Hi Plumpy, welcome to SF :) I'm sorry things have been so difficult for you, but by finding this forum and posting, you are reaching out for support, which is really positive. Please keep posting and letting us know what is going on for you. If you ever need to talk, feel free to PM me. Take care :hug:


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Welcome to the forums Plumpy..I hope we can help you.. I give you credit that you are holding down a job..It's possible you may have other problems..When was your last diagnosis.. The depression will make you tired all the time.. You should lay off the alcohol at least until the weekends..It does counter react your meds..


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:welcome: hon. Glad you're here.

That's way awesome youre into fish and music. I know music definitely reaches my soul, and there's just something about watchin them fish swim effortlessly around. It's so soothing.

If you ever need to chat feel free to pm. Otherwise, look forward to seeing you around the forum.

Take good care.
Hi there, Plumpy :) I'm also new, and I know exactly what you mean about not being at all certain about the diagnosis you've been handed! I also have a problem with self-medicating with alcohol, and it gets worse when I'm more depressed, which I know isn't good. My experience with medications is definitely that they can have some not-so-awesome side effects, and I know how they can make you really tired. I definitely recommend consulting with the doctor who's most actively treating you with medication about whether additional medications can be added to subdue some of the side effects. I know that sounds really weird and probably counter-productive, but if there are medications that make you less depressed but also make you sleepy, you and your doctor (together) might decide it would be worth it to add some sort of stimulant to help you stay awake if it meant you could stay on medication that makes you less likely to be depressed or harm yourself. There are also variants of medications within the same class of drug, so if, for example, an SSRI was helping you but the one you were taking was making you very sleepy, there are others that might still help you but have fewer or less severe side effects.

Also, I find that the practice of assigning a diagnosis to a patient can sometimes be less helpful than people think. To me, it seems like it should matter less which "box" you fit into and more what helps you feel better. Perhaps a therapist could help you pinpoint more exactly what you feel are the critical problems that are leading to what you feel are your worst symptoms, then help you learn tools that can help you learn to feel better.

Feel free to PM me. I feel like we have some things in common. Also, fish are cool. :fish: We need to get a tropical-looking fish smiley on here.
Hi everyone, thanks for your welcome.

These days I do only drink at the weekends (mostly). I have been wondering if this medication isn't quite right though, or if I need a higher dose. Or like I said, I've been mis-diagnosed lol. Lots of the symptoms of Boarderline fit me I've often thought.

Anyway, thanks again :)
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