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I am looking for a friendly space to share. I am recovering from a suicide attempt I did earlier this year. My friends and family find it hard to understand me and it is hard to talk about it to them. I was in therapy, but he thought I was OK and suggested to stop sessions and I thought it was a good idea. I thought I had it under control. Just lately things are going from bad to worst. The smallest set-backs triggers me and I start a downhill slide which usually last a couple of weeks. Currently my mood is not the best, but it is improving. I made an appointment with my family doctor to see what steps I need to take because I know I can no longer handle this myself.

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hi and :welcome: here nevel

I hope you'll find all the support you need here and if you ever need a chat in private or a talk, just drop me a pm. I'm there for you :hug:
:welcome: to the Forum, nevel. I'm sorry you've been having such a bad time, but glad that you're getting help and improving :)
I'm sure you'll find lots of friendship and support here :)
Take care, and if you need anything, feel free to PM me :)

Hi nevel.

I'm sorry to hear about your suffering. Habits are hard to break, whether it's physical - like biting our nails - or mental, like our minds reacting to the problems and set-backs we experience in a habitually negative way. But one thing's for sure, however you're feeling now,it will change. By seeking help,it seems to me that you're taking responsibility for making sure that change is for the better, and I really admire you for that.

Welcome to SF. They are really friendly here. They always cheer me up befor I go to sleep in the chatroom. Hope you'll find your help etc here :smile:
Take care
:welcome: to SF!!! Glad you decided to join our family.....if you ever need anything let me know..and I hope to see you around...:hug:

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