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hi..need advise

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hi.. my parents just found out I was suicidal like acouple weeks ago.. this had just made me more uncomfortable and uneasy... I dont think I can really talk to them about..

I have a teacher at school I really like.. I was thinking of telling him about it or somethign or asking for his advise.. but I really dont to bug him... would this be bad to drop my problems down on him?


hello? anybody out there o.o... I think my friends r getting tired of me talking to them about this.... so yeah... anyone?


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I'm not a huge expert on this, but I would definately tell him. If he can't help you, then I'm sure he can direct you to people that can.

In my experience, many times, your family and friends that are closer than you will not be as helpful to a depressed/suicidal person as someone like a priest/teacher/stranger, etc would.

I say you tell him and do it as soon as you can, don't keep your feelings hidden inside you, you really should tell someone you know like your teacher. I know its gonna be really weird and awkward, its not everyday a teacher has a student coming up to him/her asking for help because he/she is suicidal right?

Anyways, best of luck. And can you tell us how it goes?:smile:
i agree with nkrukato, i think you should tell him, talking to our familys is allways hard, i think we get insecure about talking to the ones we're meant to be 'close' to. You should talk to someone you feel comfortable and trust, if you feel the teacher is that person then try talking to him, or try a counseller at your school. Remember teachers are trained for things like this, he should be able to deal with this, but i think he will have to get a school counseller involved. So i think you should try talk to him after all its better than talking to no one.

take care

vikki x

ps. please let us know how you get on :smile:
I totally agree :)

In fact, the first person who I opened up to about me feeling suicidal, was a teacher. She was great about it, and she, in the end told my dad because I couldn't.

Hope it goes OK for you ... let us know how you get on :)


Thank you all your all so friendly :)

I think I'll tell him monday.. although I'm very very scared to tell him.. I don't know how to tell him but I'll tell you all how it goes

naturally you are gonna be scared, its natural, if you feel comfortable then tell him, im looking forward to seeing how it goes, i hope it goes okay as can be, good luck

vikki x
yeah i was about to say maybe consider joining us, SF is a great way off getting things off your chest, and talking to people with similar situations and feelings. :)


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. Remember teachers are trained for things like this, he should be able to deal with this, but i think he will have to get a school counseller involved.
Just a quick question.. are teachers really trained to deal with such a thing..?:mellow:
yeah they should have had basic training to deal with difficult situations like a student opening up to them,im not particulary sure wether they are trained to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts but they do get some training in handling difficult situations
I don't wanna undermine what everyone just said but if you're thinking of telling him you should consider whether or not he might have to report it.
Teachers are legally required to report information: for example if a rape has occurred.

I'm not sure if this applies for past suicide attempts. Can anyone shed some light on this? I don't think any "action" can be taken. Just thought I might mention it, in case.

Just know that whatever the case is you're always welcome to chat with people here: they're all heaps cool and understanding. It's not the same as speaking to someone in person but the amount of people here make up for that, I reckon.
i didnt think teachers had to report a rape if a student has told them, i didnt know what had to that by law :huh: maybe thats different for different country', i dunno :huh: i dont think its against the law for a teacher not to tell someone (counseller, head teacher) that a student is suicidal orhas suicidal thoughts, i think a teacher can get a counseller involved if the student is willing, im not actually sure about this subject, maybe if theres any teachers here, maybe they could tell us?? when my tutor at college foudn out, she didnt get anyone involved but i found out the other day she did tell another teacher about it, proberbly just to check that i was ok or something, then again im over 18 so even if she legally had to get someone involved for a minor that still wouldn't of applied to me as im classed as an adult, if that makes sense
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