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Hi, need help please

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My name is Patty. I'm 56 and live in California. I have C-PTSD and major depression. I live in assisted living. I'm recovering from covid 19. I was in the hospital for two weeks.
This is a very hard time for me emotionally. I'm a survivor of child sexual and physical abuse.
I've been having su/SI urges.
I'm sorry if I said to much.
I hope I make some friends here.


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Hello Patty and good to see you here, you are the same age as me but in different states. I am in Texas. I hope that your recovery from the virus is going well. I am also a survivor from family sexual abuse by a relative from when I was 10. No way to say too much. This is a place to share and join in with others and stick around and I have no doubt you will make friends here.


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Welcome Patty20.

I hope this site can help you coping. So far it's worked great for me. And there's absolutely no need to worry that you have said too much. Getting things out of our system, verbalise or write them down is a great way of relieving the pressure so do not worry about that at all. It's what this place is for I guess. I'm fairly new too and can only say I've been so impressed by the amount of people here willing to listen and understand, comfort me and make me feel less alone with my thoughts and feelings.


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Hello, Patty. Welcome to the land of the people that really do care for a stranger, now you're one of us :)

I hope you get a lot of benefits from being here and thanks for sharing part of your story with us here.

I hope you recover soon and heal the best you can. Sorry for the late welcome, only saw this thread now.

SF family. *grouphug2
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