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hi....new here

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hey guys!
Ive been looking at some of these threads for a while now, and what a fantastic site full of lovely people!
Im 22 and have been depressed and suicidal for 6month. I have been dignosed with body dismorfic disorder. I never thought that anything like this could happen! Before i was the most out going, happy go lucky person, would never not see me smiling. So i had an eating disorder and then got moderate acne and WOW has it affected me! In 3 months ive only been out the house a handful of times and am going insane now. I cant go to work, college or see anyone i know (sounds really shallow i know). Ive have got the most supportive friends and family, that call and text all time but sometimes it makes it harder cause they are doing everything in there power to get me back to how i was! And nothing seems to be working and i feel so bad for them! Im having cbt therpy at the moe, but no changes still feel like a monster.
Its so nice to have a place to chat with people that feel the same. Nice to meet you all!

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Hi you so glad to see you reaching out here for support hun. Have you talk to your doctor about medication that might help you to get out side again I am glad you have support around you hugs
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