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Hi - new here

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Hi and welcome..when you are comfortable, please tell us what brought you here. I am sure many ppl will relate to what you have to say. Welcome again
Hi... thank you for the welcome.

I don't even know where to start... it just seems so overwhelming. I have okay days and bad days, probably like everyone else... today, I feel like I've let everyone down, mainly my kids. I know the things I need to do but can't make myself do them and then I feel self-indulgent and horrible because I'm not doing them... it's a hamster wheel for sure. What do you do when you feel so far down that you feel like you can't take the action you need to?

Thanks for being here... it's nice to not feel alone. :smile:
hey :hug: its nice to meet you, im ellie :shake:

have you found any professional help at all in terms of doctor, counselling etc?

hope you find SF helpful :)
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