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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Nero_99, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. Nero_99

    Nero_99 New Member

    Hello, I'm new to this site. I've never joined a site period unless you count FB or something.

    Umm, going through a lot right now....and don't want to tell my whole life's story, I'm sure you guys and gals get enough of that on here. A quick summary tho is that last month I had a lot of family issues on the go, then I got sick for a bit and then everything looked on the mend!...til those family issues stirred up a LOT of repressed pain and sadness that I held back for the better part of 13 years and then my girlfriend broke up with me and it all happened at once and my doctor told me that I had a complete nervous breakdown. Since then I've tried twice to end it, the most recent attempt being about two days ago.

    My now ex said that she's worried about me but has stopped talking to me and pushes me away; she has her own vulnerability issues...most of my family has alienated me along with friends. Realistically I have just a handful of people to fall back on if that.

    Lost a bit of weight, trying to put it back on. Everyday is a struggle...as corny as that sounds it is.

    This month is hard enough with it being the anniversary of my mom's death in a few days....yeah.

    I'm sorry for this being long, I don't know if I should of typed all this but just looking for, realistically, someone that can understand without saying they "understand" when they can't possibly relate you know? Because they never hit that point in their own lives...

    Anywho, umm thanks for reading and have a nice day.
  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    HI Nero_99 and welcome to suicide forums.. I am on staff and moved this post from human resources to here the actual suicide forum.. this this forum a better fit for what you are going thru now.. sent you a link to here in a private message..

    think you may find that many ppl here have gone thru, still going thru similar events.. I carry lots of pain from early in my life stuff.. like you I tried to hide from, forget and that did not work.. it comes back when you least want it.. do not know if you have had, currently have some professional psych help.. that good help made all the difference in the world for me.. someone who listens and watches you patiently as you fight to get it out truthfully is what counts...

    like you me and a good chunk of my family and I did not associate with each other much.. parents are gone now.. still haunt me sometimes.. this requires some p;rofessional help to get past it some..

    Nero.. look around the site at your own pace.. lots of forums and couple of chatrooms which usually have some talk going on in them. lots of good people here on this website.. hope you can meet some of them and able to talk with them at your own speed...

    get any questions or difficulties here always feel free to send me a private message.. you can do that by clicking on my username jimk here in my post or at home ;page and click on messages.

    we are very pro life and anti suicide here.. whole idea and goal is keep people alive and in a better position.. stay safe and reach out for some help as needed.. jimk
  3. Nero_99

    Nero_99 New Member

    Thank you jimk, I'm appreciative.

    My parents are gone too...they died when I was 18. I have family like I said but when all this went down only a handful talk to me now. I do have a strong support system of friends but again only a handful talk to me now and they are often busy with work and such; the others that I did have, well, they were those friends where you are always there for them and will hang with you through all the good and sorta-bad but when it really hits the fan, yeah they're gone.

    I do have professional help, quite a bit....but its still hard.

    I appreciate your hospitality and will go at my own discretion. Thanks again.
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi Nero yes it is hard been struggling myself with thoughts of leaving but as long as you keep holding on to the help you have you will make it through ok
    You keep reaching out here make new friends here ok no one will judge you here we will listen and try to support you as much as we can
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