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hi there

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hello everyone. Nice to meet you all...umm...so, where to start? My name is Lydia.I am an 18 year old female from new england, living in a rich, white, W.A.S.P household. At first, may sound great. i could have anything i asked for. Not exactly. My parents and brother are all extemly racist, and very over protective. I was sexually abused by one of my cousins when i was little, and since then have a subconcious fear of men. My fiance is african america. He proposed the day I turned 18. My parents hate him, and my father( a high political figure) framed him for credit card fraud and stealing. I know for a fact he was framed, but no one,not even the police will listen to me. He is now serving time in jail. I dont know for how long, no one has told me. I am not allowed out of the house on my own, i dont have a job, or a car. I have no more friends, my family is disgusted by me, and no one understands. I am here to find comfort, and someone who does understand. I am a very freindly person, please dont be afraid to say hi. I need comfort, and i dont know where else to go.



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Hey Lydia
Welcome to SF.
If you ever need someone to talk, feel free to PM me.

Hope you r well
From, Josh


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Not allowed out of the house on your own??:blink: THat sounds a little harsh to me.:mad: Is it because of your fiance? Is there anywhere else you can stay? I realize that because you're still living "at home" with parents, even tho you're "of age", you still have to follow house rules, but that seems a bit much, like punishment for your taste in men/partners...:blink: Welcome to the forum, we'll listen to you if you need to vent your feelings.

They say if i go live with anyone else they will stop paying for my school. And my education is very important to me, obviously. They are wiling to destroy my life rather then see me in the arms of my black fiance.
:welcome: to SF Lydia. I am sorry to hear your parents do not have the understanding they need when it comes to you and your situation. It is hard when we have to depend on someone for things that are so necessary to our well-being. Knowing they can take everything away from you at any given time. There are many people you can talk with here. What the best solution for your situation is, I cannot say at this time. I do hope your parents will find it in their hearts to do what is the thing that would make you most happy. Take care, Lydia. :hug:
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