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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Perfect Darkness, Jan 5, 2015.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm new on this site, so I guess it's time to introduce myself. I'm an eighteen year-old girl and I've been struggling with depression for three years now, I guess. Last year I've been officially diagnosed and now I'm trying to recover. I can't really remember when I felt happy, but I do feel like this is the deepest I've ever been. I think a lot about suicide and I feel like there's nothing else to live for. The only thing that keeps me here is the pain I'll cause.

    I really hope to find a friend here, since I feel really alone and can't really talk about my depression. I'm also here to support every single one of you and to listen to your stories. Questions are always welcome.

    Oh, my English isn't very good, so please excuse me for awful grammatical mistakes and misspelled words!

    Lots of love
  2. DrownedFishOnFire

    DrownedFishOnFire Seeing is Believing Forum Pro SF Supporter

    Welcome aboard. You're not alone and you can find friends here. Chat room and buddy thread are other ways to make friends on this site.
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi there and welcome to the forum, I joined here when I was 18 too, I am 25 now and this site has helped me so much. I hope you get the same benefits as I did from posting on these forums. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you will laugh and smile and be yourself again soon :)
  4. Thank you very much, this sweet message really made me feel good. A new forum is kinda scary, and I'm really afraid people don't take me very serious.
  5. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Welcome to SF, Perfect Darkness. Your english is excellent. :)

    This is a good and safe place to talk about depression. It depression and suicide support forum made and run by people who have been there and understand. I hope that it helps you. Welcome again.
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