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Hi there

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I`m not so good in introducing myself, so ill simply tell you how it is in a nut shell. I live with my girlfriend, we live with my parents in separated living quarters. Our living conditions are horrible and my parents are insane control freaks, but since I am unable to work yet because of my depressions, we cannot afford living anywhere else. Tough break, huh? oh it gets better.. I have no friends. Literally. You know how people often say: "I dont have any friends!", while in reality they do have a few? well, that`s not the case here. I really don`t have anyone to talk too throwout the day. Its kinda funny in a way, as even mice get to have more of a social life then I do..

Anyhow.. usually I pass my time in reading, playing a few PC games, composing music, and doing the house chores. Kinda of like a male version of a 50`s house wife. I even talk to myself out loud sometimes, the woks. Sad aint it? most people think so. But you know, regardless of my sarcasm, I try to do my best to remain somewhat optimistic. After all, I have no choice. Its ether that or going mad. Which is also why I have decided to look for a nice forum where I can talk honestly to people whom are more understanding then others. People whom are willing to listen. You know, many people have made a habit in being judgmental and point out everyone else`s characteristic flaws, as if it will make them feel better about their own problems. I don`t like those kinda folks. Sadly the internet is filled with them.

Btw, don`t worry. despite my lack of communication with the outside world, I am quite friendly and fairly intelligent. Put simply, I don`t bite lol.
Anyhow... pleased to meet you all! feel free to call me by my alias here.
Yours truly, LessLife:)


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Hey Lesslife,
Welcome to the forums..I'm in the same boat, I isolate from people..I have a few friends that I met on the forum who we carried outside of the forum and we email each other pretty much everyday..I hope you make friends here fairly quickly..
Hi guys! how are you all? and, Stranger 1, i`m glad to hear that you were able to make good friends here. I hope that I too will become so lucky, as I have no real friends what so ever.
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