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Hi there

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Hello everyone,

I'm Megz I have had depression and anxiety since I was a teenager although for a couple of years I've been OK, had my moments but been OK.

Recently though I'm starting to slide again - I can feel it kind of creeping up on me and felt that I wanted some help and support - I don't want to go back into that hole all the way to the bottom again - I don't think I could deal with that again.

There are some pretty strong reasons for me starting to feel like this and I'm struggling a little to cope right now and because of my history and things I have done in the past I daren't tell anyone close how I feel, it would terrify them to think that I feel like that again and what I might do as a result.

I hope that I can give as much comfort as I hope to get on these forums - I'm not very clued up with forums and things so please forgive me if I make some errors and let me know so I don't do them again.

Thanks for reading
Hi Megz - hope you can find some support and help here...

I'm only a PM away if you ever want a chat, that goes for anyone here.

Much love,


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Hey Megz
I am glad you are here. This is a great website with lots of very kind people. Its my favorite of all the mental health websites. Because its the most gentle and kind I have found.

I think you did great posting. So no worries about making errors. You posted like a pro.

I hope you do not continue to slide down. Sometimes I think that our challenges come back to visit so we can make more progress on healing them. I hope thats the case for you, Megz. Anyway, I am glad you are here. And welcome :flowers:

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Hi Megz sometimes our meds stop working and new ones need to be tried or old ones up a bit try talking to your doc about it okay. I too am happy you are reaching out for help here you can pm me anytime as well okay hugs nice tohave you here.


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Hi megz :hug: im glad you found us. I hope you find some comfort and support here and to echo an above post anytime you want to talk you can pm me or anyone here xxxx


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Thank you everyone for your warm welcome - it has made me feel not quite so hopeless :) <-------- I try to smile even if I don't mean it and it hides the pain but that's a true one from the heart - Thank You XX
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