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hi there

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just thought i'd join up as i have had a pretty rough time since february this year when my 6 year marrage fell apart around me.
i'm 32 and have tried the finishing it all part only to be found and got some help but i still have thoughts so i've joined here.

just a breif somise of whats been going on, is that for the last 6 years my wife made me think that i had problems, in the way that my head was playing tricks on, making me think that i was over reacting to e-mails and texts that she was recieving from one perticular man an ex boyfriend but came the point when she told me to leave and in the space of a few days moved her ex boyfriend back in and i was informed that they never stop contact the whole time we were together and since she has stopped me seeing my two young children as she says im mentally unstable so much so that i cant see them. i live miles away from my own family i do have some very good friends who are helping but i get the feeling that they don't really understand.

well thats me i hope that things get better for all of us :hieveryone:

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Hi hun welcome to SF hope you got lawyers to fight this you have rights and seeing your children is a big one okay. Fight for them they need their dad as much as you need them hun. Get legal help okay hugs
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