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Greetings Everyone,

Im new here, and apparently its the polite thing to introduce yourself.

I'm 17, nearly 18 years old, living in Southern Australia.

Trying to complete my final year of school, and get myself a decent mark

for uni entrance.

Trying to stay around and finish it all, but as luck would have it,

the depression Ive been ignoring and trying to pretend doesnt exist for the

past 4-6 years decided to screw with me. The rest they say is history, and

on 18 or more occassions (Ive been ambivalent at times), I nearly was.

Plenty more, but that'll do for now.

Take it easy,

Big D



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Hi Big D, and welcome...this is the time to pay attention to these feelings as going to uni will present so many new issues...is there someone you can talk to who might be able to guide you? Glad you decided to explore your possiblities and look at how these feelings are affecting you. Best of luck and welcome


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hi dionaise, welcome very much.. depresssion is crippling sometimes as i know all too well... glad you here with us now and hope to hear more from you as you to know us all.. take care, Jim

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Hi hun i do hope you talk to your doctor soon hun and get the depression taken care off so you are stable to enter into uni okay hugs to you


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Greetings, D. =) At this time last year, I was applying to get into college. In a similar position to yours in terms of school years. Good luck with your last year before uni entrance, and welcome. Take care.
Hi All,

Thanks for the replys, means a lot to me.

Yeah, I went and got help about 3 months ago, but didnt have a pleasant experience as

pdoc threatened me and melittle me by threatening to tell my parents. Many people

who I trusted broke my trust, inc. my aunty, and i only just managed to avoid being

sectioned by some very fast thinking, as my aunty felt I was preparing to go where one

cannot return from. Sadly, she was correct, and the problem was made only worse.

Managed to close the case, but now it has returned, am thinking that perhaps Ill have to

deal with it soon again, but a lack of trust and fear may prevent thus.

Meh, see how things go.

Take it all easy,

Big D


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Hey Big D, Welcome to the forums..What makes you think they reopened your case?? Might of it been someone just following up on it?? Well if they send someone around be nice and act like you are surprised..You beat them before you can do it again..Take Care!!
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