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hi wanna feel settled

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hi u see i'm new and i wanna feel seafe here ....esspeciaily after what i have beeen through.
i still am going through cutting myself and trieying to kill my self almost every day.
send me stuff through this site or my e-mail...


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Hi there and :welcome: to SF!

I hope that you like it here and feel settled.. do you wanna talk more about what's going on with you? Sounds like you've had a rough time lately.. i really do hope that things improve for you. I'm glad that you've reached out here.. hope to see you around :)

Jenny x
:welcome: to the Forum blade.
I hope you find friendship and support here :)
I am also a fellow Harry Potter fan! If you wanna talk anytime - about whatever - feel free to PM :)
Take care,


jane doe

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hi and welcoem. i´m a self cutter too and i think we can help each other if you let me know you. Take care; i know how hard it is, but you need to make a try. take care and pm me
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