Hi, wanna switch lives?

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Dragon's Eye

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You become:

- A Crappy student with no life
- A Boring person with almost no interests
- A Pretty calm person

You Get:

- One decent appartment
- More than decent income
- Almost no friends
- A Boring Life

Your Turn :smile: :smile: :smile:


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You become:

A 24 year old virgin
Completely friendless
An art school major who has absolutly no interest whatsoever in art.

You Get:

An apartment with no windows that is smaller than most peoples bathrooms.
A pornography collection that would bring Larry Flint to shame.
You become:
- Another student with no life...

You get:
- no money
- no friends who are not Christian
- a huge book collection

Perks and Pitfalls include:
- boobs.
- way with words
- mother.

Any takers?

am I alive

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You become:

-Another struggling student with no life

You get:

-No social life

-No girlfriend

-no money

-A room with computer and anything else
-suicidal thoughts


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You become

An eccentric in training
Nerdy but never enough to fit into a particular group

You get

All the nerdy rubbish I kill time with
To make (poor) jokes at all the wrong times and not realise it
No friends..who arent on a buddylist
Zero concentration
No qualifications beyond some high school
No socal skills
You become:

- A Crappy student with no life
- A Boring person with almost no interests
- A Pretty calm person

You Get:

- One decent appartment
- More than decent income
- Almost no friends
- A Boring Life

Your Turn :smile: :smile: :smile:
You become .

-Shy, and afraid of everyone.
-a drop out
-a recovering addict

You get.

-an offiency/studio apartment
-a cat
-all online friends but 1 person
-a few aqaintences that hate my husband lol
-a betty boop collection
-scars all over your body

next........ lol
You become:
Way too skinny and *very* short
Bad eyesight

You get:
Too much homework
Expected to know everything
2 dogs
No money
Nightmares/bad sleep
A LOT of sport training

Other things include:
Slight musical ability
Slight way with words
Grammar school :dry:
you become - stressed with crappy friends that mooch of you

a really stressful job you will fricken hate

you get - a kick ass apartment
2 dogs and a goldfish
a really nice car
and overprotective rich ass parents
You become:
- A mediocre student at a prestigious university trying to become a writer
- Someone who no one takes seriously and just thinks of as a goofball
- Unattractive, fat, and incredibly awkward
- A radical student activist who still can't find anywhere to really fit in

You get:
- a dorm room to share with an awesome roommate
- unavoidable loneliness
- depression/anxiety
- friends who try to care about you, but lose interest quickly and wind up not understanding you at all
- two closed-minded Jewish parents who say they love you
- an orange hat

Twisted F

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You become:

Someone who can’t attract the slightest interest from the opposit sex.
Someone no one wants to have as a friend
The author of an erotic lesbian love story that is posted on an erotic story website lol
Someone who can laugh at himself
Afraid of pretty much everything

You get:

To sleep away more hours of the day than your average feline
To constantly wish you were dead, even when you’re feeling okay
A little money in the bank, but no income.
A wonderful mother
To live with that mother because you are too much of a mess to care for yourself.
A half-decent physique
One highlight every week – your meeting with your therapist. It’s the only time you get to have a conversation with someone you’re not related to
Daily anxiety attacks
A severe depression
Constant loneliness, probably for the rest of your life
An interest in philosophy


you become:
- a stupid, ugly a$$ average person
- depressed suicidal insomniac kid

you get:
absolutly nothing, no friends, a family who doesnt give a rats a@@ about you, no money, no courage to ask people out, no life, what little mental state that there is left, broken heart with nothing to live for and nothing in life.

come on it doesnt soud that bad does it?
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