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Hi y'all

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I come from a working class family in Kentucky, I am a first generation college student, and from the outside in I am doing and succeeding at doing everything I want and desire to do. I have an impeccable G.P.A. a job at school and home and some really good friends. But very very few know how I feel on the inside. I've battled feelings and desires about hurting myself before but I've always been able to tell myself how "it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem" and "I would be hurting so many people" even when I've been so close to ending my life, but now, these words have lost their power. I am so alone, even though I am constantly surrounded by people. I told 2 people about my suicidal feelings and they got very upset, and that is the last thing that I want is for people to get upset over me. I found this website the other night, and I hope that I can post and feel better, and eventually get better.


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It sounds like your very logical and well thought out. I hope that were able to give you the support you need. Feel free to message me any time on the forums or in chat if you need to talk.
hiya welcome to SF... i hope that it does make you feel a little better... one step at a time :) you should find support here :hug: PM me if you ever need to talk :hug:
:welcome: to SF. Congratulations on the accomplishments in your life. I am sorry to hear you have to hide your true feelings. This is what we call "masking" and you will find that many of us here are experts at that in our real lives. SF is a place where we can let down that mask and share who we really are. I am glad you joined our community and hope you can take off that mask and gain some much needed support. Take care. :hug:

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Hi welcome to SF hun yup you can just be you here okay noone will get upset or judge you. I do hope you are getting some professional help for your depression though meds do help hugs
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