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hi. i'm still a little hungover from an event last night os bear with me if my thoughts sound a little scattered. but please read on...i really want to get this out of my chest.

i joined this forum to gain insight from others who may be in the same situation as my sister - "Diane" 30, single.
and perhaps try to share my positive outlook in life to those who may need 'em.

i'm not the one suicidal but Diane is and i really dont know how to help her or what to say to her everytime she says that she just really wants to die or hopes that she dies because her life has no meaning. all she does is work. work. work. to pay rent and bills.

i dont even know where to begin to describe her situation. it's exhausting. we just had a long talk last night that lasted until 1:30 am.
it all started when my neice didn't do one of her responsibilities around the house.
whenever things like this happen and some other things that doesn't go her way, she feels so unappreciated. then, she gets all depressed.

i really dont know what to do. i told her that i really dont know what to say to her to make her feel better but she should know that God doesnt give us challenges that we can't surpass. neither of us is religious but like i said, i dont know what else to say to her. what do i do when she tells me she wants to kill herself or it's better that she dies so that everyone would be happier when she's gone.

i tried suggesting seeking help from a professional but she told me that she's tried all of them...but she doesnt really get anything out of it. she thinks that after every session, it's back to reality. that therapy or retreats are nothing but talk talk talk. nothing but words and talk. i told her that it might help to get someone else's perspective about her situation. but she insist that she doesnt like the talking. that everything is still the same after the "talk".

she's really really bitter and it shows on her diet and weight gain. she gets mood swings. petty things irritate and make her really mad!
she can't hang out with friends and party like she used to because she has to work to pay the bills. even if she wants to lose weight, she says, she couldnt find the time because she has to work!

so what do i do? what do i say?
thank you, both. too bad i cant delete this post. i feel embarrassed for being too honest on the first line.

probably turned a lot of people off. i wish i can start over.

ah well....can't please everybody, right?!?


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No, you can't please everyone...but I don't think anyone here will hold it against you what you put in your first line. We're all human and we all do and say things we wish we could take back. It's alright.:smile: We still care.:smile: At least you're honest!!:smile: :smile:



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:welcome: to SF. It is hard when you have a loved one that suffers from depression and suicidal ideations. All you can do is listen to her and support her if she will let you. Ideally, she should seek professional help, but since she feels that didn't help there is not much you can do but to continue to encourage her. Make sure you are also taking care of your needs as this can be stressful for you as well. :hug:

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welcome to both of you, i just wanted to tell you that here you will find the emotional support that you may need. i may not be the best person to tell you anything but i think that here we are like a great family because we don´t know each other so well but we always are trying to help each other, just ecsaly the way you try to help your sister. so if you want to talk with someone i´m here pm if you need it.:blink: :rolleyes:
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