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  1. why_me?

    why_me? New Member

    So I'm new. I'm 16 years old from America. I haven't been a happy child for a few years now. I've always had a strange fascination with suicide. I started harming myself a little over a year ago, and have issues with food, although I have never been diagnosed with an eating disorder. I am, however diagnosed with ADHD, and anxiety. I also have family problems, and the only person who ever actually cared about me and my problems left my life a while ago. I have had the thought of suicide in the back of my mind for a while, and recently a friend of mine attempted suicide, and the idea for me is suddenly a lot more prominent and appealing. I am here because I feel as if the people here might understand better, and to I guess figure out if Im actually going to do it.

    Thanks for reading
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    hi. You are right. We do understand better. This is a good community. So I am glad you found it. Together we stay alive. You can come here and speak how you feel. And others will understand. Of course no one here will support attempts. Because we all want each other to be alive. Even though most of us have such great pain that it is a struggle to be alive.

    I am glad you are here. Write as much as you want. And I hope you do find some sort of help also where you live. Everyone deserves that
    :hug: :welcome:
  3. Unknown_111

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    Hi Why_me. Firstly welcome to the forum. You are young, please speak to someone or contact a support line as you are in a vulnerable state. You have the whole of your life to look forward to. Never think you are alone as a lot of people suffer from depression and thoughts like yours. You need to focus on a positive aspect of your life. Speak to someone or otherwise keep posting on this forum. I assure people will provide you support here in your time of need.

    You should be proud as you had the courage to post here first and please take care.
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