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  1. Kys385

    Kys385 New Member

    Just lost my job this morning. Really dont know what to do. I started thinking of where to look for a new one. But i dont know how to let the people i live with know i was fired..well dont want to tell them. Im in a park right now alone after driving around for a while thinking of ways to kill myself. Avioding the house untill its a reasonable time to go back and act like i just got off early. Im lost and unsure. I dont really know where my lifes going. I have a dream for the future....but i dont know if i can get there or if its really what i want. Im 19 but feel older then i am and confined. My small bubble just keeps getting smaller and im running out of air. Im really getting desprate for a way out.
  2. Perfect Melancholy

    Perfect Melancholy SF Friend

    Welcome to SF very sorry this has happened to you, you're 19 and got so much otentiao ahead of you. Sadly life will have its knock backs, but you can bounce up. Your friends will want to help you find a new job I hope, and I am sure you can.

    Please take dare and look after yourself.

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