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Hi !

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hi there! i´m new here, i´ve been reading posts for a couple of days and finally decided to introduce myself.
i suppose i´ll try to sum up my story so that you can understand why is it that i´m here.
the idea of suicide has been on my mind for nearly six years, i´m 21 next week, but it was never so strong as now. i must recognize i have some good days, today is one of them, or at least i´m.....mmm...stable..??
by the beggining of last year i was really depressed, i thought i was at the end of it and started thinking more seriously about killing myself, but then som things happened, i met people that made me realize it wasn´t necessary to be so extreme.
i was doing pretty well, having bad days as everyone i guess, and the most horrible thing happened to me, my father killed himself ( i can´t avoid bursting into tears because it´s like writing about turns it completely real)
since that day everything has been nothing but shit, sometimes i´m calmed like today but sometimes i get so....i don´t know how to describe it, i hurt myself, i hit and throw things...and sometimes i´m scared of myself.
i just hope this will help at least to release all this horrible grief inside of me and understand i´m not the only one feeling horrible all the time.

jane doe

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hey welcome to the forum, here we all try to help each other so don´t hesitate in pm me at any time. i´ve been hurting myself since last 4 years so i know how you feel, because suicide has been on my mind since i´ve started, but this year has getting worse. i don´t know if you´ve read the sticky in the self harm section called before you cut read (or something like that) i recomend you to read it, if you don´t hurt yourself to often, you still can stop it. well i´m here whenever you need to talk or let it all out. take care and once again welcome!!;)


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Hey welcome to SF, *hugs*

I will be your poster this morning, remember you can talk to be or anyone else here anytime you want, someones pretty much here 24/7.

Hope to speak to you soon,
Katie. (el diablo to some people.)

Welcome to Suicide Forum hun. I am glad you decided to join. I am sure you will get the support you need and friendship. You can never have too many friends, I am up for being your friend if you'd like to. And.. even thogh I don't know you, I am very proud of your from joining, it shows effort and strength in your part. If you ever need anything just let me know and if I can't help you I will find someone who can. There is still hope, joining this forum prooves it. Try and hang in there hun... We're here for you anytime, wether you need to talk, vent feelings, support, friendship, just want to chat... Advice and etc....

I'm sending you hugs your way... :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

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