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My name is Jim and im 16. I have been considering suicide for a few months. im feel like i might be depressed, but im not exactly sure what depression feels like.. im unhappy all the time, even when im joking with "friends." i have a lot of people that i joke around with at school. i guess you could call them friends... but i feel alone. I dont know anyone that i can seriously talk to about serious things.. i want to tell someone i know what im feeling, but im afraid that they will just think im doing it for attention or something

i found out my dad had suffered from depression and heard that it could be hereditary.. i am afraid to tell anyone, i dont want anymore major changes in my life. seeign a psychiatrist is something that i cant handle right now. I think there are medications that can treat depression, but im afraid to ask for some.. are there any OTC medications that someone could recommend? i just want to stop feeling so horrible..

i never see any friends outside of school.. i dont know any girls.. im worthless.
whats the point of living if im just going to be alone the rest of my life..
right now the only thing keeping me alive is the fear of going to hell, i think that killing yourself sends you to hell.. but lately i dont really seem to think about that

everything is so frustrating, i have been crying a lot lately.. i look around on websites tryign to find something that will make me feel better. all i find are websites tell you how to help someone. this makes me feel worse because i dont know anyone that would even do something like that for me. hearing those kinds of things is a lot different when coming from your parents.. they have to say it

my mom asked me if i was depressed.. i laughed at her, trying to hide it.
dont tell me that i need to tell my parents or a friend.. none of my "friends" would understand and i doubt they would care.
NO ONE can know.. im going to get through this on my own.

I know this probably sounds like really vague advice, but I'm not sure how to write it any other way. .__.

Try looking outside yourself more, rather than focusing on introspection. When we look within ourselves too deeply we become very depressed and start worrying too much - blowing things out of proportion and developing irrational fears. I've often thought that when a person is severly depressed and contemplating suicide they are trying to give their life some mark or meaning (of course everyone's different) by killing themselves.

Our aspirations in life should be noble.

You're sixteen, so medications are likely to have unusual side effects on you, for example prozac (sp?) is likely to make you feel worse. Whether your depressive state is psychologyical, biological, or a mixture of the two you would have to be psychoanalyzed by a psychiatrist or by visiting your GP.
because i dont want anyone knowing, enough people judge without knowing me as it is
i cant handle that big of a change in my life.

nvm forget it , i shouldnt have posted anything. im just being a baby and i need to suck it up. i dont wanna be someone who just wants attention. please ignore these posts and forget everything
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Damn i had to Register just to answear this post.
I read ur post and i think that i may be suffering from the same thing, beside this i have some other problems but I feel just the same like you.
Im sitting alone at home parents have problems and i cant do shit about anything i i feel hopless. SOmetiems suicide feels like the only option.
My best friend is a fucking idiot and i dont talk to him anymore and i need a new friend and someone who i would be actually able to talk to.
WEre do u live ???


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Hi Jim and Life, I went through the same thing you boys did when I was your age. However, I can tell you that school counseling and psychiatrists are definitely not the kind of judgmental people we often hear about. I should have seen one much sooner than I did. It was a big help because they are professionals and no matter what the problem, they can always make it better. Please don't consider suicide, as these are normal problems all boys have in their teenage years. I promise you that. If you need to chat, feel free to tell us more or IM me at rayden291 at yahoo dot com.
I was there once sixteen and a bottle of pills, not saying any thing, not wanting to tell everyone. I should have didnt, now look at me a few years later and still suffering. I wouldnt tell be cause I was told that to be a man you dont show emotions, and at sixteen I was playing the role of macho man and hiding it. IM NOT SAYING THIS IS YOU!!!!!!

But mate you need to tell someone, even if it is a help line, depression acts sometimes like a septic wound, you let it fester and the infection gets worse.

SPIT OUT, you don't have to shout, you just have to let it all out.
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