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Hello all. I have been a visitor on here for a while now but finally got the guts to post on here.

Little about myself...I'm a 20 year old male living alone in the US. STILL havn't picked up on college yet (really need to get on that, but I don't know what to take!) but I plan on it sometime this year.

I found this site after desperately searching for answers online. Spending half your life wishing for death but always talking yourself out of it was what I've been through, but recently its getting harder for me to think clearly and I'm finally reaching out for help. (I'm not one really to rely on others; I've been going solo for so long it makes me sick :sad: ) But I feel this is good for me and I do hope to become a decent member of this forum.

thank you for having me



Hi Morbid :) I am sorry that you need us but am glad you found us, no man is an island (someone famous once said, not bright enough to know who but it makes sense at least) and it's not uncommon for people to need help at least some time in their life, I guess this is your turn.

I wouldn't feel ashamed being here, most of us here suffer from some sort of mental health illness, it's what helps us relate to each other and allows us to know a little bit about the pain that everyone here endures. We are all, more or less, in the same boat (I hope that doesnt mean we are on the titanic though).

I like your avatar, Helsing is it not? Are you an anime fan? Maybe you would like to talk about the things that you enjoy in life?
:welcome: to SF. As Robin said, I am glad you found us, but sorry you needed to search and do so. You shared a little about yourself in your post. I am looking forward to hearing more about you. Take care and we will see you around.


Welcome to the site. :smile: I know what you mean - I've been toughing it out alone as well but it's nice to have somewhere to go where others understand. See ya' around the board. :cool:


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Welcome to the site Morbid.:smile: I'm glad you found us as we are a caring supportive international community of friends. We're here to listen, hold you up, and support you any way we can. Hope to see you around.

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