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Hi there,

Welcome to SF!

You don't need to say anything specific. Take your time, have a look around, talk to people, maybe find a buddy (On the main page scroll down through the forum list to find the buddies bit). You will settle in in no time I am sure.

If you want to chat, need a friend, have any questions or whatever, then feel free to PM me.

Take care of yourself


Welcome to the forum, sorry you needed to find us but glad you did find us, am about if you need a friend and as the above poster said maybe you could check out the buddy chat forum :)


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Hi Booker! Welcome to the forum.:smile: We're here to offer listening ears, shoulders to cry on, and strong arms to reach out to you when you feel lost. Please allow us to be your friends. We're a good lot here. Again, welcome!:smile:

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