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I don't know what I am doing. My husband left me back in November after almost 25 years married. I have had a history of depression, anxiety & agoraphobia. I was raped just after I met him and had no idea it would come to affect my life and cause me so many issues. I have been suicidal for years and years. Depression, anxiety and then agoraphobia and those issues would cause me to lash out and just be horrible to my husband. He always supported me but one day it became to much and he left. We are legally separated and I finally got therapy but I am broke, I have not worked in 20 years, I am overweight. I have no friends, no family, I have nobody but my dogs. I don't feel like I am living. I am almost 49 and have nothing and nobody and I can't take it anymore. people said it will get better well its been since november and its not gotten better. I wish I could fall asleep and not wake up. I am diabetic and stopped taking meds, I just don't care any more. <mod edit - method> don't know what to do to end this. I dont even know why im writing this here.
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welcome to SF we are a peer community that cares but never judges. please look around and post when you can. stopping your diabetic meds is a very dangerous and bad idea. it can cause a lot of complications that are not fatal but can be life changing for the worse.

i am not going to tell you that your life will be perfect and rosy but it can get better. you obviously need some professional help to get better. it's not hopeless but it will take work. you have to 1st want to get better , 2nd find a plan to get better a little at a time. you are not alone we will stand with you...mike...*console*sadhug*brohug


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Hi @marie71 welcome to SF. I'm glad you posted. There are a lot of people here who understand what you're going through, and it can be helpful to talk with people who get it. I hope you stick around so we can get to know you *hug


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Hi @marie71 It's understandable to be depressed when your husband leaves. You'll always have a place here to share your thoughts and feelings. We're here for you. And we're glad to have you here.
Sorry that you're going through this Marie

Your health might improve with treatment, and maybe your marriage could be repaired. Do you think you could contact your doctor and resume your diabetes medication? You could always go back to not taking your meds if you don't see a way out, but maybe we can help you get through this

Sending hugs
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