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This feeling in my chest. How am I supposed to deal with it?
I have nobody to talk to, not that that ever helped anyway. I'm taking yet another med and it also doesn't help a single bit as none ever did. Year after year I'm just supposed to deal with it alone until I get old and die? Because that's what's happening
I can't stand to "advocate" in my defense anymore like in this To handle words. To think. I can't stand anymore of this
To have to express myself, to think what I say, what people will understand, to be charismatic even when defeated so I can convince someone to help me, most of the times only to get a "There, there..." pet in the head, while I'm completely desperate
I cry when I eat, I can't take a shower in peace, I can only sleep when I'm dead tired.
I have nothing going for me anymore. I'm not smart, beautiful, charismatic, likeable
I have this in my chest that I want to barf it out, but it's not a concrete thing. I try to expel it out of my lungs when I cry but it doesn't comes out.
What should I do? I'm completely burned out
Everybody gave up on me, but I'm still alive. They didn't finish me off, they left me to rot. But my heart still beats, I still feel

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