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  1. Anonymousboy

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    I've already posted a few threads on here, but I just wanna talk about suicidal thoughts.
    I would <mod edit: resistance - methods>, but knowing my Mum will walk into the living room and see me on the floor, pale and drenched in blood would just be unnessacarily disturbing for her, seeing as she's already been through a trauma with my Dad (he tried to kill her and also was violent toward her giving her a mental breakdown).
    I've also been trying to find <mod edit: resistance - methods> pass out alsmost immediately and die with no pain, bu I can't seem to find any.
    I searched up on the internet that you can <mod edit: resistance> within three days - a week but that would be quite unusual and my Mum would notice when I start to become nautious and can't walk etc.
    I've thought about <mod edit: resistance: methods> but that wouldn't look delibarate, yes I want my death to look delibarate, not to hurt, but to let them know I wanted to end my life and to let them know I oculdn't go on.
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  2. Stranger1

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    Hey Anomymous,
    You can't use methods on the forum so don't be surprised when your thread gets edited by the mods. Why are you so set on commiting at such a young age? There is alot this world has to offer, you just need to open your eyes and look ahead. I don't know about your problems but you should seek help. Set some small goals and once you start accomplishing them throw in a long term goal you would like to acheive.
    I know I probably sound like a hyprocate because I am suicidal also. I am an old fart and have seen and done alot in my time so I am ready to move on. I have suicidal thoughts everyday but thru therapy have learned how to put them to the back of my mind and get thru another day. Please seek the help you so desperatly need and give life a chance. Who knows you might be one of the lucky ones who climbs out of this pit of dispear!! Good Luck!!~Joseph~
  3. Petal

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    Hello Anonymous,

    You cannot discuss methods here.

    I'm really sorry that you are in so much pain :(

    Tell us more about yourself and why you are feeling this way and we will see what we can do :hug:
  4. Rosenrot

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    Welcome to SF!

    What they said about methods, pretty much :laugh: Wrong place if you're looking for tips on how to die. On the flipside, if you want tips on how to better yourself, post here.. I'm sure we can try to help..
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