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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Marshmallow, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    hi im new here, and i dont know why im here to be honest

    i feel depressed iv been to the doctor bout it and been sent to a psychiatrist, iv had one session a couple of weeks ago and have my next one on sept 4th , im not one to talk about my problems and i find it unconfortable to open up, and the session didnt help me, but i dont understand why im depressed i dont feel i have a reason to be, all though i know depression is chemical reactions in the brain and it cant be controlled buy the person, i tend to blame myself for being like this, apart of me doesnt want to be here but i dont want to die and thats really confusing me, i can get depressed over the smallest things and my mood can change very quickly, im just really confused, im think bout going back to my doctors soon and talk to him because i dont feel talking to the psychiatrist helped in anyway, i just feel fucked up right now
  2. deathdomepart

    deathdomepart Active Member

    to be honest you shouldnt worry about it alot of people get depressed for no reason just take a step back and re-evaluate you situation
  3. Xian

    Xian Well-Known Member

    I felt the same way when I first woke up and realized I had depression. I thought about why I was sad, and I found that there were things in my life that got me down. And thinking about them seemed to make it worse, because I'd always try to contrast them with someone else's life, and examine how mine was worse.
    And after a few years I decided to get treatment, and I was fortunate enough to find an awesome therapist who I really feel like I connect to...

    My advice for you would be to look harder for the things that make you sad, and talk about them in some way shape or form.
  4. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    thanks xian, i did talk about things with my psychiatrist but i dont feel like a 'connection' as you might call it, half way through talking to her i wanted to get up and out the room, she kept going over the same questions and that started to frustrate me, and then i started to get confused about what i was saying and i felt like she didnt understandme or didnt believe me, and shes foreign so she has an accent so it was pretty hard for me to understand her which started to piss me off even more thats why i felt like leaving, i just dont feel that its gonna help me in anyway and i dont wanna go back but i know my doctor is gonna want me to go back, hes said he wants to put me on anti depressants but i need to assesed first before he can do that, but either way iv gotta go to the psychiatrist because he wont but me on medication to help if i dont, and i dont feel confortable about going back, im just wondering what my doctor will say or do if i dont go back.

    i just wanna get this all sorted out but i dunno how, and thats confusing and pissing me off even more
  5. Tarthenol

    Tarthenol Active Member

    Get new doc so. If your not comfortable with yours, then you need one who you are comfortable with. Your not on trial or anything, its supposed to help you.
  6. Hey :hug:

    I am sorry you feel low... Can you try to persevere with the psychiatrist - it will take more than one session to help.... If you don't like them - could you ask to see a different one?

    Thinking of you

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