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I'm new here. Been reading posts for a few days and figured maybe this kind of place might be somewhere that helps when i'm feeling like this.

Been self harming since i was ten, because shit happens, and ony went into therapy when i was 15. Since then, the last year or so i've had some pretty nasty downs, including suicide attempts, and i'm back there now. Feeling lower than i ever remember and i dont know how to cope. I wake up and i feel so low and lifeless, and each day that feeling gets worse. Everything inside right now is so dark. I'm waiting on an emergency psych appointment, but that aint coming through at the moment.

So yeah, i'm here, in a hope that maybe i can somehow pull through this.


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Hey Oushi,

Welcome to the site :) . Im glad you found us and i hope you find some support here. We have a great bunch of people so post when you feel down or when you want to discuss something. I hope the psych appointment helps when it comes through. It can take a long time to work out what is going on and why. So hang in there. Pm me any time you want to talk.

Take care,



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:welcome: to the site. You should find a great bunch of people here who are always willing to offer support and friendship. Hope we get the chance to get to know you better.

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You know, I have found in days when I feel like shit, taking a walk or going swimming helps improve my mood a little. It actually feels really good to get out of the house and get my mind focused on something else. I hope you like it here. I don't. No one ever reads my posts. But yeah, I hope you like it. Good Luck and ciao...


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:Welcome: uve found a great place to make some good friends and to receive the support u deserve. Once again welcome and dont give up, love, beret
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