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Hi.im glad you found us.i hope this place will be useful to you.Welcome to SF.There are some fantastic people here.They have helped me so much more than i could ever repay.Please give this site a chance and i hope it can help you feel less alone etc or at least give you at least a little of whatever you need.Please get posting if it helps.ANd also feel free to contact me through private messageing or email anytime if you want to talk privately.i dont know your situation and i often fail but i will always try to be here ffor you if and when i can.My name is kath and i am 23.How are ylou doing now?THere is never any pressure to say more about yourself here than you feel comfortable with.ANd we know it hard it can be in the first place to post.i think you were very brave.As i say theres never any pressure to say more but if/when you want to tell us more about yourself/your sitaution and how your feeling we will try to be here for you and listen.i know my words may not be able to give you much comfort.i wish i could do something more but i/we are here.It would always be great to here from you and everyone here is really friendly!Please look after yourself as best you can.

Take care and best wisehs for now
:welcome: to SF!!!!

hopefully we will become good friends, I am here for you anytime, this is a great place, this is my home, and my family.

If you need anything let me know, if you need or want to talk don't even hesitate to contact me. ;) :hug: :wave:

By the way, I am Carolyn. :)

With love,
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