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hi everyone....
first of all, i obviously want to stay anonimous, so lets just say im lokich... the age i´ve wrote in the registration is fake too, im younger than that.
well, im a boy, and i´ve been thinking about suicide for a couple of months....
i have some different kind of problems... at home, my parents are always shouting with each other and with me... at school, almost everyone disrispect me... i really dont understand why, i dont have a strange appearence or something like that...i have some friends, but i think they dont understand me... like no one does... (these facts arent recent: they´ve been like this always)
Im always thinking the other people are better than me, im too much non-confident.... Im also very shy.....
i also cant show everyone else who i really am... the person i am during the day is completely different from what i really am...i dont know why, but everytime i try to be myself, i fail... i just live representing a person im not....
but my main reasons for wanting to die arent those.... for some months i´ve been realising that the world is just too bad.... only the bad people have a good live... sometimes i compare myself to other people at school and i see something: im always ready to help anyone, i never do anything bad to no one... but i´ve this fucking life, and the bad people have always great lifes...

just curiosity: how old are you?

my main language isnt english, so im sorry if i wrote something wrong...


Staff Alumni
Hey Lokicth ^_^ Welcome to the forum. I'm Fiona :)

To answer your question, I'm seventeen.

Also, I've seen English people with English worse than yours, so don't worry about it ^_^

hey, im 19 and i can't relate to some of the stuff you stated in your first post, feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk

take care :hug: vikki x
Hi and welcome to the forum, Lokicth. Just to let you know... you're at least a good few months older than me... so there you have it. And you're English is pretty good, I have to admit. Dont be afraid to ask or PM if you need. :)

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