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I am from Sydney, Australia. I am not very good at opening up to other people but thought I would come here and give it a try. I currently suffer from PTSD / Survivors guilt. it has hit me pretty hard in recent times and I am feeling fairly overwhelmed.

I hope this is enough for now.




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Hi JJ and welcome...for someone having difficulties opening up, you did rather well...please take your time to feel comfortable and share as you want...welcome again, and please PM me if a one-to-one would be easier for you...big hugs, J


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Welcome to the forums. I hope you can find some people to talk to and relate to. We are all pretty nice and want to help. Take your time, like J said.

Take care and have a good day.


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Welcome to the board! There are many nice and caring people here, and I hope you get the possitivity you need here. Blessings..
Welcome to SF :) I hope you feel comfortable enough soon to continue posting about what is going on for you. Please take care. You will find many people here who will be able to relate to some bits of your story, and help support you


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Hey there.

:welcome: to SF. After seeing how things work on the forum, hopefully you'll find it easier to share your experience.

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