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So i'm new here. I was searching for help on google and this site just popped up. So i'm going to introduce my self to you guys.

I'm Bailey and i'm 16 years old. I used to cut myself and my family would get scared that I would actually suicide myself. But I just need someone to talk to.
I don't cut myself alot now. I've stopped cutting. But sometimes i just feel like to, whenever I look at my wrist, my mind talks like this " Cut me! Cut me! " its hard to stop... is there a way to stop?? :sad:
Welcome !!!
im glad you foudn the site... people here are very nice!!...

as for th second.. i dont know if you canstop... but you can control it.. im still workign on it.. so i cant be totally sure

Welcome again!


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Hey Bailey, glad you found the site although wish you would not have the need. either way here you are.

You'll find plenty of people here who have cut themselves and who have overcome it. Its something your going through - not a lifelong thing.

Anyhow, I'm sure you'll get help if you post in the depression forum.

Depression leads to this cutting, maybe something made you depressed or its just something that's in you. Either way you'll find people in the same boat as you are.

Good luck and I'm sure you'll find someone here to talk to.


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hi bailey, welcome to sf

I used to cut my wrists a couple of years ago. I had to stop because mum freaked out when she saw them...so I ended up doing it on my upper thighs. That somehow managed to stop itself. I still feel like doing it, and one day I probly will. But im making a bad attempt at 'getting better', although it's like a 3 month wait period to see a pyschiatrist here....no wonder why people end up offing themselves lol.

anyway, hope you get what ur looking for :)
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Hi Bailey welcome to SF, there are a lot of people who cut on here but also many who have managed to at least lessen if not give up completely so hopefully you will find plenty of support.

Look forward to seeing you around :)
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