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Hi! My name's Nikki. I've never been on a forum before. I'm really struggling right now, though, so I could use some friends. I'm 22 and have been fighting depression on and off for three or four years. It's gotten really bad lately. I hope this site can help.


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Hi and welcome...so sorry things have gotten bad lately...when you feel like it, please let us know what has brought you here...I am sure many ppl can relate...welcome again, J


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Hey Nikki and welcome to SF! I hope you are doing okay and you have come to the right forum. Everyone here is supportive and understanding of any issues that you might be going through and most of us can relate. If you need someone to talk to or would like a friend you can add me on here and send me a PM. :)


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Hi Nikki!

Firstly, I love your username. Just saying :)

I hope you find the support you're looking for here. Lots of people understand what you're going through (to some extent), so...I've personally found it helpful. I hope you do too.

Welcome to SF

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Hi im sorry things are getting so bad Is there someone you can talk to a coucellor perhaps at your school I find sometimes just typing out here how i am feeling and why it helps. Hope you can continue to post okay so we can get to know you and help you more hugs to you


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hi nikki, welcome to the site, sorry you're feeling so low latey, was there a trigger for that?
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