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so this is all greek to me. i am a mom and dont get on the ol cpu much...but maybe this forum will present answers and not so much desolation...
Welcome to the forum.
Im sure you will find many people here who can give empathy and caring to you.
Perhaps post a little and say what has brought you here?
Maybe read some too, sometimes the answers are right in front of us, we just need to ask the right questions.
Stay safe please.


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Hey Limbo - I'm sure you'll be able to learn things on the computer as you go along. If you are in the UK we have free lessons for basic computing skills. Good courses, that teach the basics about internet, word processors (Word and so on) and other basic stuff like photos and whatever.

That said, this forum is easy to navigate and you've managed to sign up here which means your pretty OK on the internet! You'll get along fine I'm sure.

I'm sure you will find this is a special forum, with some really nice people who will be able to relate to you with whatever troubles you right now.

Hope we hear back from you soon as to what brings you here.

Welcome all the same!


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Hi Limbo :)

Welcome to sf. I think you're going to find yourself using the old pc more and more often.
If you find you have some questions about using the pc or forum or even just wanna chat about anything, there's always people here willing to help, advise or even just relate.

Hope to see more of you,

hugs x
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