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Hey losthope. I've got some extra hope if you need some :)

Most of us here deal with deep depression. Clearly. I would bet that most people found this forum feeling suicidal and typing suicide into google. You're with good people, and there is a lot of love here. Please let us know what led you here and how you're feeling now.

Sending lots of love and warm healing light your way :heart:

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Hi hun i am glad to see your reaching out Let us know what has brought you here i am sure someone will relate. There is hope you cannot see it because of your depression but it is there behind the clouds of despair. Post so others can help you perhaps okay hugs
Thanks for the welcome

I am sociophobic , I've been that way now for over 11 years
My 18 year relationship ended two weeks ago , though we still share a house (he owns it and is not asking me to leave) , if I cant be with him I dont want to stay here , but if I leave I risk losing my three dogs , and if that happens I dont want to live as they are the only things keeping me sane on a daily basis right now
We never married or had kids (his choice , not mine)

Im terrified of dealing with whats to come , I hadnt had to cope with money etc as he earned too much for me to claim .. but now he says I will need my own money , so im having to deal with doctors and the dole and its all scaring me beyond belief , im so tired of feeling scared and sad and alone.
I recently started taking Citalopram , but all its doing so far is making me tired , nauseus , shaky and give me headaches

I dont have anyone to talk to , my Family only ever want to know when everything is going right , they have always been that way , if I ask for help they are always too busy or say they dont need my problems

The one bright spark in my life is my Daughter from an earlier marriage and my two Grandkids , but they live over 200 miles away now and besides theres nothing they can do , so although my Daughter knows whats going on I refuse to burden her more than I have to

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I hope your doctor can get you on disability so you can get some income coming in for you. I am sorry he has done this to you but i do hope he does not ask you to leave until you have your feet on solid ground. Your daughter i think would be happy to have you for awhile she may be able to give you support as well i don't think she would mind.
first thing get your doctor to fill out forms for disability okay YOu can talk here others will understand and i hope have other advice to help you. Hugs
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