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  1. heybulldog

    heybulldog New Member

    Hi, I'm new to the site.

    I'm unhappy with life and everything that could have gone right for me in life seems to have gone wrong.

    I'm seventeen and I feel unworthy of love or affection so I try to seclude myself from others and put myself down, I've got no self esteem, and I hate myself.

    I've resigned myself to suicide but I just want to be so strung out on drugs before I do it so people can know how bad I really feel.

    There's no hope for me and each time i feel there is hope my heart is broken or I am crushed by anything that might not seem significant to anyone else, but i take too much to heart.

    I don't know why, but everyday my mind feels like its screaming, maybe i think too fast?

    Well anyway, hi
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    HI welcome to SF 17 still have time to get help with therapy for your self esteem issues also for your anxiety Talk to your doctor okay see what he or she can set up for you It is nice to see you reaching out here as well. Hugs
  3. Constantinos

    Constantinos Well-Known Member

    Hello heybulldog, Welcome to these forums!

    Of course you are worthy to be loved and to love - did you have some past experience where you felt rejected by someone?

    I would like to start by thinking about the following small paragraph:

    Suicide is not the solution, you may think that by suiciding you will be relieved from pain, relief is a feeling and you need to be alive in order to be able to feel. You will not feel this relief once you take your life.
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