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I don't know what to say here exactly, I've looked through a few posts and wanted to reply but as is now, I'm never sure what to say. I guess I should just say how I feel, I'm in my first year of uni, seperated with my girlfriend after a two year relationship, she seemed to get over it all really quickly though. Before I was with her I was probably in my worse state, now I feel all the emotions returning, I'm feeling so alone, nothing has any warmth to it any more. I'm not motivated to do my degree, I only go out if other people are, i'll never make a decision to, it's not that i even want to go out I just do because drinking and seeing other people happy keeps me from dwelling on things. I'm not sure if it's that I overly want to kill myself, I just really wouldn't mind if I died. I feel way too apathetic and tired...


Hello Xan! I know exactly how you feel, it took me awhile to figure out why it happened to me but I figured it out in the end, whenever a new cycle begins and we have to be separated from what we knew and held so dearly we tend to go through crisis. It happened to me at different points in my life, when I finished high school and started college, when I moved out of my country, I am going through some rough times because a friend of mine commited suicide. All of this shall pass, you are just sad and coping with big big changes in your life, probably changes you've never experienced before, just keep your mind busy in something YOU like, go along with your degree, but enjoy your life and activities you truly like, hobbies and the such. Some people join computer clubs, yoga classes, religious groups, collector's meetings. The good thing with globalization is that you are bound to find lots of people knowledgeable in the subjects you are so passionate about. Hang on, there's so much to come you'll be surprised...I know so.:cool:


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HI AND WELCOME...glad you found us...you have been through quite a lot lately and it is no wonder you feel tired...maybe talking to a counselor at the uni would help...keep posting and let this be a place where you can connect...big hugs
:welcome: to the forum xan. I saw you briefly in chat today. I am glad to hear that you do get out some if people want you to. Perhaps soon you will decide to do so more on your own. With the changes you have undergaone in the past year, it is understandable why you are feeling this way. You will find a good deal of support here at our community. You have made the first step in telling us how you feel. Take care. :hug:
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