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Nice to see you, MouseSLP! I am glad we are all able to access the forum like we usually can now. Thanks for checking in with us. Have a nice day. :)
Thanks Mr Alex
It's working now
Not sure where to start, my problems are all self inflicted, not sure if i deserve help, actually i know i don't, but i'm hanging on, it'd judt getting harder
will go look around
thanks niceguy
i'm reading posts, and so many supportive people here, so glad i found this place
so worried about using the support numbers i have, don't want them to lock up... i know my family need me
but thanks for the welcome :)
Mouse I hear ya, I often feel like I don't deserve help. I guess I just look forward and try to make better decisions in the future. Either way I think you'll find some help here even though I'm new as well.

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Hi Mouse nice to see you reaching out for some help okay We all deserve help hun and i do hope you continue to post and talk on chat meet people okay as there are alot of people who understand here hun and care hugs
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