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hiya people, well id thought id join because i get depressed quite a lot and i got problem with self harming :blub: anyway only one of my mates knows cos i told her on msn but nobody else does. about me - my names Chloe, im 14 years old, 15 next thursday and i live in west london. i love the internet, tv + listening to music. thats it really, hope i make some nice friends here :smile:
Hiya Chloe

Yet another Londoner on SF :biggrin: dunno if thats a good or bad thing :unsure: anywho..............

Welcome to sf! Hope you enjoy the place here, great friendly people here that you can talk to. Me being one of them :smile:

If you ever need to talk feel free to PM me or my msn is in my profile.

Take care of yourself

Vikki x

Ps. Happy birthday for thursday :biggrin:
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