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Hello everyone.

My name is liz. Lately my life has become very overwhelming... full of heartache and i don't really know what to do anymore. i don't have anyone that i can talk to that will try to understand. all my life i would just keep all my feelings inside because no one wants to hear it. either i'm told to stop, find someone else, or it'll be ok... and that's supposed to be the end of it. it's been so unbearable lately that i have tried to end it all.

i just would like someone to talk to. my life, jobs, thoughts... have all revolved around helping other people, but when it comes around to me... there's no one.


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we all welcome you and im sure you will find someone out there who can and will talk to you and can relate. Trust me :3 There are a ton of nice ppl here


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HI Liz, a warm welcome to SF.. many of us will attempt to listen and give you some needed support with all of this.. hopefully this will help some with the feelings of totally alone you have now... tc, Jim

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Hi so glad you posted and hope you continue to reach out here hun lots of kind people here that understand you can pm me anytime as well hun You will be heard here hun hugs
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