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  1. skyscraper

    skyscraper Account Closed

    Hi guys, just joined cos of this; I've gone a year and 6 days without SH'ing, which feels like an incredible achievement and I want so much to keep it up so thought joining here would help curb the urges to go back to it. I don't have any personal friends that know what I'm going through (i.e. they have self harmed) and so as much as I love my best mate for being there and chatting to me about literally anything (she's incredible) I think it's reassuring sometimes to have someone know exactly what I'm going through. So I've suffered from depression since I was about 12 hit an all time low about 12-18 months ago and am still piecing myself back together, but glad to say I'm on a stable road now, just looking for some extra support I suppose, the bigger my net of support the less likely I'll fall through the cracks again. Keen to help others where I can as well!
    Love to you all.
  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    Hi Sky and welcome to SF's... good string you got without the SHing.. lots of other people on here that fight the same battle all the time.. got a forum for this further donw the page. might read some posts there and see about adding your own thoughts and stuff..

    i have fought major depression myself for my whole life.. am almost 65 now so been a real long serious batlle.. meds once the right ones were found help me a lot of better part of each day now.. the depression is what i call the beast.. it truly is one.. the feeling like the feet stuck in concrete and not able to move and get started doing anything constructive is just terrible sometimes.. lots of ohters on here that suffer from really bad stuff there also.. also a forum just for the subject further down..

    got any questions and or answers please just let us know.. hope to hear more from you as you get used to this place and us.. tc, Jim
  3. vixter101

    vixter101 Chat Buddy

    Hi Sky and as Jim said welcome to SF.

    It truely is an amazing site and resource I've found. You'll find everyone here to be non judgemental, friendly, supportive and you will become part of a big online family community. They have helped me through a really difficult time and although I'm still going through that, I find that I can always turn to the friends I have made here for the support that I need.

    Enjoy having a look through the forums and visit the chat room as well - I'm in there everyday :) Hope to see you around :)

    If you ever need to chat or rant or anything else, please feel free to send me a private message and I will reply when I next log onto the site.

    Vix x
  4. Stranger1

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    Welcome Sky, I'm sure you will make friends here..We are a friendly binch and know when to be serious...Welcome again..
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