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ummm...hrmmm... where do i start? well, i'm new here. i dont really know how to do anything on this site but i figured how to write this, so yay for me! *pats self on back* took me a while to figure it out though...:dry: :biggrin:
i'm a little shy, but i'm starting to feel more comfortable on this site thanks to everyone i've talked to. ummm.... i think thats about it
Heh :)

Welcome to the site officially, Hrmmm - I know I've spoken to you in chat :)

Glad you're beginning to feel more comfortable now :)

Take care of yourself :)



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:welcome: happy you already feel more comfortable here. This is a great site to meet ppl, make friends and get support when you need it. Welcome again and i hope to meet you soon in chat :)
All the best, Beret
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