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  1. Justbreath

    Justbreath New Member

    everyone. I have had this awful depression for awhile now. I'm 17 and school+depression=bad mix. I was fine with this feeling for months...then little things started to snowball and I now feel like this bottle that's full of all these emotions and like I'm about to explode. I gave myself 13 days to basically, yet nonchalantly, say goodbye to everyone and everything I love.< edit moderator total eclipse count down> and I'm trying to convince myself life is worth enduring and will continue to try during these days. I have prayed I would get cancer, or some other illness. I have prayed the world would end....that I would get hurt in a horrible car crash that would cause trauma to my brain and I would have to relearn everything again. I have asked my mom to take me to a mental hospital and she asked me if I had contemplated suicide; I didn't nod or say yes, I just sat there and she started crying. I don't give off any signals that I'm depressed or sad....I actually seem very cheerful to all of my friends. Anyways, I'm here and new.....so HI :D
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  2. total eclipse

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    Hi hun Talk to your mother okay tell her what it is that is bringing you to this point If it is depression that is chemical then get your mother to take you to see the emergency doctor and get help okay so you can feel better. I had to edit some of your most hun okay because count downs are not allowed as it can be triggering to some of our members here. Please hun talk to someone at your school a councillor someone that will bring you some help as well. You do not have to fight the sadness alone there are people in place to help you okay so please reach out to them You can pm me anytime hun Just know it can and will get better with supports in place hun so please reach out
  3. Stranger1

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    Hey Just breath, Welcome to the forums.. please try to occupy your mind with positive thoughts.. Picture yourself on a white sandy beach somewhere..Or in the mountains camping out..This is a coping skill.. We are here for you.. So don't feel like your alone.. There usually is someone on line here 24/7 because of the time zones.. Kep talking to us..Take Care..
  4. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    hi JustBreath, depression can be helped with therapy and some meds.. i know it can be very crippling and leave with you with no help at all. talk to your mom and be straight with her that you are seriously thinking suicide. you need to see some professional mental health people really soon.. your doc can help you get that.. in the meantime take care of your self if it gets dangerous call the crisis line at 1-800-273-TALK.... take care, Jim
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