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  1. SmileSarah

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    I am tired of the way my life feels like a constant roller coaster. I have been this way since I can remember really. probably saw my first therapist around age 10. I had a crummy childhood, but no worse than other peoples and much better than so many others. I feel like I'm too old to still be doing these things and feeling this way. I'm 35. I have a college degree. I have two great kids. I live in a great house I don't have to worry about paying for. I have a car that runs great. I've got pets galore... I'm trying to just focus on all of these things I have in my life that are good. so many things... yet... I am so sad. I can't stop these thoughts from haunting me day and night. I just want to be happy. to smile. to enjoy life. I want the pain to stop.
  2. Sadeyes

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    Hi and welcome...I am so comforted that you are look to ease the pain through being here for yourself and your children...have you spoke to a professional about how you are feeling? I hope you know you deserve to feel better and that you explore what services are available to you...welcome again, and please continue to tell us what is going on for you
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    hi sarah and welcome.. have you tried antidepressants in your journies with therapy???? found they make a big part of each day a lot more better and friendlier for me... tc, Jim
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