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  1. csc2ya

    csc2ya Member

    Hi all.

    Been registered about a month now, but never posted anything up til now. Figured I may as well introduce myself. The only personal info i'll reveal at the moment is my gender and age (i'm male, and i'm 27) I registered when I was going through a rough patch at home (on the verge of being thrown out by my father, due to some stupid behavioural mistakes that I made).

    I rather stupidly made the same mistake again 2 nights ago, and he's now given me an ultimatum of 2 weeks to find somewhere else to live, and at the moment, I feel like ending it all.

    Going through with it though, is another thing entirely...i'm not the sort of person that's even likely to actually take my own life. I've considered it before, and looked up methods, but that's as far as I ever got.

    I'll stop for now, as I tend to end up rambling when I can't think what to write.

    Just wanted to introduce myself so poeple wouldn't think i'm some sort of bot or spammer.
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  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    hi csc.. glad to read your post.. that is a big step asking for some help.. we try to do that here..if you get really very serious bout ending it all suggestion is to reach out to some professionals then.. we will talk the subject with you but we are not pros. good luck with finding a living space to land in soon.. in the meantime you take care of yourself.. later, Jim
  3. @csc2ya, welcome to the forum..

    I am able to relate to how you feel because my father also threw me out previously for some stupid mistakes I have committed.. Btw I am a female and my dad did this to me.. I went to my friend's place to seek refuge for the entire week and yes, I work and save money so that i can finally rent a room to live in and do not need to see the asshole shouting at me to get out of the house for some small things..

    Are you able to rent a place to live in or seek help from your friends? :hug: if you are highly suicidal, then it's best to seek help in the hospital emergency room..
  4. csc2ya

    csc2ya Member

    Thanks for the welcome. As I said, despite saying I feel like dying, i'm the sort of person that is highly unlikely to actually go through with it.

    As for friends, I don't really know anyone well enough in the area (at least not socially....there may be work colleagues, but I'm not entirely sure i'd want them to know what's going on...I don't see any of them outside of work anyway). I've started looking into renting a place, but most of them seem to require council tax payments on top of the rent, which I think might push them out of my price range for renting.

    I've also tried my local housing association in the past when he's asked me to leave, and been told that i'm not classed as vulnerable due to my age, and so it would be highly unlikely that they could assist me (I was also on jobseekers allowance that time, so I doubt they'd be able to help me now).
  5. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    Welcome, csc2ya....I do hope your housing situation can be sorted out soon.....please take care, sir, and stay safe. :hug:
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